Synonyms and Antonyms of wench

  1. 1 a boldly flirtatious or sexually promiscuous woman a “sexy French maid” costume for the woman who wants to get in touch with her inner wench—at least on Halloween Synonyms bimbo [slang], chippie (also chippy), doxy (also doxie), fancy woman, hoochie [slang], hussy, Jezebel, minx, quean, slut, tramp, trollop, floozy, whoreRelated Words siren, temptress, vamp; grisette, harlot, prostitute, trull

  2. 2 a female domestic servant a fairytale about the transformation of a lowly kitchen wench into an elegant lady Synonyms biddy, char [British], charwoman, handmaiden (also handmaid), house girl, housekeeper, housemaid, maidservant, skivvy [British], maidRelated Words attendant, chambermaid; abigail, lady-in-waiting, maid-in-waiting; au pair, nursemaid; domestic, menial; amah, ayah

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a trip made at another's expense

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