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  1. 1 a boldly flirtatious or sexually promiscuous woman before gentrification the city's waterfront was known for sleazy dives that were frequented by hell-raising sailors and drunken doxies Synonyms bimbo [slang], chippie (also chippy), floozy (also doxie), fancy woman, hoochie [slang], hussy, Jezebel, minx, quean, slut, tramp, trollop, wench, whoreRelated Words siren, temptress, vamp; grisette, harlot, prostitute, trull

  2. 2 a female other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship he'll never leave his wife and kids for that low-rent doxy Synonyms concubine, mistress (also doxie), other woman, womanRelated Words lover, paramour; courtesan, demimondaine, demirep, odalisque; harlot, prostitute, strumpet, whore; girlfriend

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