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How is the word mitigate different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of mitigate are allay, alleviate, assuage, lighten, and relieve. While all these words mean "to make something less grievous," mitigate suggests a moderating or countering of the effect of something violent or painful.

the need to mitigate barbaric laws

Where would allay be a reasonable alternative to mitigate?

The synonyms allay and mitigate are sometimes interchangeable, but allay implies an effective calming or soothing of fears or alarms.

allayed their fears

When could alleviate be used to replace mitigate?

While in some cases nearly identical to mitigate, alleviate implies temporary or partial lessening of pain or distress.

the lotion alleviated the itching

When might assuage be a better fit than mitigate?

While the synonyms assuage and mitigate are close in meaning, assuage implies softening or sweetening what is harsh or disagreeable.

ocean breezes assuaged the intense heat

When would lighten be a good substitute for mitigate?

In some situations, the words lighten and mitigate are roughly equivalent. However, lighten implies reducing a burdensome or depressing weight.

good news would lighten our worries

When can relieve be used instead of mitigate?

The words relieve and mitigate are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, relieve implies a lifting of enough of a burden to make it tolerable.

took an aspirin to relieve the pain


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