Synonyms and Antonyms of retard

  1. to cause to move or proceed at a less rapid pace an herbicide to retard the growth of weeds Synonyms brake, decelerate, slow, slackenRelated Words halt, stop; encumber, hamper, handicap, hinder, hobble, hold back, hold up, impede, inhibit, obstruct, set back, tie up; bottleneck; arrest, check, constrain, curb, rein, restrain; baffle, foil, frustrate, sabotage, thwartNear Antonyms drive, encourage, goad, propel, push, spur, stir, urge; advance, aid, dispatch, ease, expedite, facilitate, forward, further, helpAntonyms accelerate, hasten, hurry, quicken, rush, speed (up), step up

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