Synonyms and Antonyms of anticipate

  1. 1 to believe in the future occurrence of (something) <I anticipate that we'll be seeing you for New Year's> Synonyms expect, await, hope (for), watch (for)Related Words bank on, count (on or upon), depend (on or upon), rely (on or upon), wait (for); envisage, envision, foresee; foretell, predict, prophesy; assume, presume, presuppose; contemplate, eye, viewNear Antonyms doubt, question

  2. 2 to realize or know about beforehand <I anticipated this unhelpful response> Synonyms foresee, divine, forefeel, foreknow, previsionRelated Words augur, forecast, foretell, predict, presage, prognosticate, prophesy; envisage, envision, foreshadow, prefigure, visualize; alert, caution, foretoken, forewarn; preview; descry, discern, perceive; apprehend, dread, fear

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