Synonyms and Antonyms of anticipate

  1. 1 to believe in the future occurrence of (something) I anticipate that we'll be seeing you for New Year's Synonyms expect, await, hope (for), watch (for)Related Words bank on, count (on or upon), depend (on or upon), rely (on or upon), wait (for); envisage, envision, foresee; foretell, predict, prophesy; assume, presume, presuppose; contemplate, eye, viewNear Antonyms doubt, question

  2. 2 to realize or know about beforehand I anticipated this unhelpful response Synonyms foresee, divine, forefeel, foreknow, previsionRelated Words augur, forecast, foretell, predict, presage, prognosticate, prophesy; envisage, envision, foreshadow, prefigure, visualize; alert, caution, foretoken, forewarn; preview; descry, discern, perceive; apprehend, dread, fear

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to criticize severely

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