as in haunt
a place for spending time or for socializing the island port was once the resort of smugglers, pirates, and other unsavory characters

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as in opportunity
something that one uses to accomplish an end especially when the usual means is not available use this money only as a last resort

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How is the word resort different from other nouns like it?

Some common synonyms of resort are expedient, makeshift, resource, shift, and stopgap. While all these words mean "something one turns to in the absence of the usual means or source of supply," resource and resort apply to anything one falls back upon.

exhausted all of their resources
a last resort

When is expedient a more appropriate choice than resort?

Although the words expedient and resort have much in common, expedient may apply to any device or contrivance used when the usual one is not at hand or not possible.

a flimsy expedient

When can makeshift be used instead of resort?

In some situations, the words makeshift and resort are roughly equivalent. However, makeshift implies an inferior expedient adopted because of urgent need or allowed through indifference.

old equipment employed as a makeshift

When would shift be a good substitute for resort?

The meanings of shift and resort largely overlap; however, shift implies a tentative or temporary imperfect expedient.

desperate shifts to stave off foreclosure

When could stopgap be used to replace resort?

While the synonyms stopgap and resort are close in meaning, stopgap applies to something used temporarily as an emergency measure.

a new law intended only as a stopgap

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