Synonyms and Antonyms of purlieu

  1. 1 a place for spending time or for socializing the restaurant, the preferred purlieu of the theatergoing crowd, is always packed an hour or two before showtime Synonyms haunt, hangout, rendezvous, resort, stamping ground, stomping groundRelated Words camp, canteen, club, clubhouse, country club, key club, service club, union; harbor, harborage, haven, nest, refuge, retreat, sanctuary

  2. 2 purlieus pl  an adjoining region or space we stopped at one of the several pubs in the purlieus of the stadium Synonyms backyard, neighborhood, purlieus, vicinage, vicinityRelated Words environment, surround, surroundings

  3. 3 purlieus pl  the districts adjacent to a city such gated communities are common among the purlieus of these Midwestern cities Synonyms outskirts, purlieus, suburbiaRelated Words country, countryside, exurbiaNear Antonyms core city, downtown, inner city, midtown

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a trip made at another's expense

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