Synonyms and Antonyms of asset

  1. 1 a person who tries secretly to obtain information for one country in the territory of another usually unfriendly country <rumors persisted that CIA assets were behind the coup d'état> Synonyms agent, spy, emissary, intelligencer, mole, operative, spook, undercoverRelated Words courier; counterspy, double agent, sleeper; infiltrator, informer, stool pigeon; spymaster, superspy

  2. 2 a thing that helps <the team's strong pitching staff has become a real asset in its pursuit of a pennant> Synonyms advantage, aid, help, benefit, boonRelated Words hand, lift, pick-me-up; support, sustenance; blessing, godsend, windfall; recourse, refuge, resort, resourceNear Antonyms constraint, inhibitor, liability, obstacle, obstruction, restraint, strangleholdAntonyms disadvantage, drawback, encumbrance, hindrance, impediment, minus

  3. 3 assets pl  the total of one's money and property <as a result of the booming economy, the college's assets grew dramatically over the course of the decade> Synonyms assets, capital, fortune, means, opulence, riches, substance, wherewithal, worthRelated Words belongings, chattels, effects, holdings, paraphernalia, possessions, things; bankroll, deep pockets, finances, funds, money, wallet; abundance, affluence, prosperity, success; treasure, valuables; accession, acquisition, personal property, personalty, property; nest egg, reserve, resources, savings, treasuryNear Antonyms debts, liabilities; indebtedness

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