Synonyms and Antonyms of advancement

  1. 1 a raising or a state of being raised to a higher rank or position the young man's rapid advancement in the company came as no surprise to those who knew he was the president's nephew Synonyms of advancement ascent, creation, elevation, preference, preferment, promotion, rise, upgrade, upgrading Words Related to advancement aggrandizement, ennoblement, exaltation, glorification, magnification Near Antonyms of advancement deposition, dethronement, discharge, dismissal, expulsion, impeachment, ouster, overthrow, removal, suspension, unmaking, unseating; downfall, fall Antonyms of advancement abasement, comedown, degradation, demotion, disrating, downgrade, reduction

  2. 2 an instance of notable progress in the development of knowledge, technology, or skill science has made huge advancements in the field of genetics in recent years Synonyms of advancement advance, breakthrough, enhancement, improvement, refinementWords Related to advancement quantum leap; amelioration, boost, heightening, increase, melioration, strengthening, upgrade, uplift, upswing, uptrend, upturn; betterment, development, elaboration, evolution, expansion, gestation, growth, maturation, perfection, ripening; civilization, edification, education, enlightenment; renaissance, renascence, revival; discovery, find, windfall; innovation, inventionNear Antonyms of advancement breakdown, collapse, crash; hindrance, impediment, stumbling block; decadence, decay, declension, decline, decrease, degeneration, descent, deterioration, diminishment, downgrade, ebbing, failing, flagging, languishment, lapse, lessening, reduction, sinking, slowing, weakening, worsening; detriment, disablement, drawback, glitch, impairment, shortcomingAntonyms of advancement setback

  3. 3 forward movement in time or place wondered why we hadn't made any advancement in the long checkout line for at least 10 minutes Synonyms of advancement advance, furtherance, going, headway, march, onrush, passage, process, procession, progress, progressionWords Related to advancement current, drift, flow, flux, stream, way; advent, approach, arrival, coming, nearing; bound, jump, leap, step, stride; impetus, momentumNear Antonyms of advancement backwash, ebb, reflux; retraction, return, reversal, reverse; about-face, turnabout, turnaroundAntonyms of advancement recess, recession, regress, regression, retreat, retrogression

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