Synonyms and Antonyms of recession

  1. 1 a period of decreased economic activity the country is just coming out of a recession, so expect to see fewer layoffs and more new jobs in the coming year Synonyms depression, slumpRelated Words bust, crash, panic; stagnation; downbeat, downdraft, downswing, downtrend, downturn, slowdownNear Antonyms development, growth; advancement, progress; rally, recoveryAntonyms boom

  2. 2 an act of moving away especially from something difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable a retiring CEO making a gradual recession from the daily rigors of running a major corporation Synonyms pullback, pullout, retreat, retirement, withdrawalRelated Words rout; flinch, recoil, revulsion, shrinking; disengagement, disentanglementAntonyms advance, advancement

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to cast off or become cast off

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