Synonyms and Antonyms of elevation

  1. 1 a raising or a state of being raised to a higher rank or position the appointment of Sandra Day O'Connor marked the first elevation of a woman to the U.S. Supreme Court Synonyms ascent, creation, advancement, preference, preferment, promotion, rise, upgrade, upgradingRelated Words aggrandizement, ennoblement, exaltation, glorification, magnificationNear Antonyms deposition, dethronement, discharge, dismissal, expulsion, impeachment, ouster, overthrow, removal, suspension, unmaking, unseating; downfall, fallAntonyms abasement, comedown, degradation, demotion, disrating, downgrade, reduction

  2. 2 an area of high ground Little Round Top is one of the most visited elevations in the entire Gettysburg National Military Park Synonyms altitude(s), height, eminence, highland, hill, hump, mound, prominence, rise, uplandRelated Words alp, mount, mountain, peak; butte, mesa, plateau, table, tableland; bluff, cliff, crag, precipice, steep, tor; ridge, sierra; dome, sugarloaf; foothill, hillock, hummock, knob, knoll; downsNear Antonyms dale, dell, depression, dingle, glen, hollow, vale, valley; basin, bottom, bottomland, fen, flat, floodplain, plain, tidewaterAntonyms lowland

  3. 3 the distance of something or someone from bottom to top the elevation of Angel Falls is 979 meters, making it the world's highest waterfall Synonyms altitude, height, inches, statureRelated Words rise; highness, loftiness, tallness

  4. 4 the most extreme or advanced point some people contend that Western civilization reached its elevation in Greece five centuries before Christ Synonyms depth, extremity, limitRelated Words consummation, epitome, quintessence, ultimate

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