Synonyms and Antonyms of altitude

  1. 1 the distance of something or someone from bottom to top the altitude of the highest mountain in the U.S. is only about two thirds that of the highest mountain in the world Synonyms height, elevation, inches, statureRelated Words rise; highness, loftiness, tallness

  2. 2 the most extreme or advanced point a man whose arrogance continues to reach new altitudes Synonyms depth, extremity, limitRelated Words consummation, epitome, quintessence, ultimate

  3. 3 usually altitudes pl  an area of high ground the air is thinner at higher altitudes Synonyms height(s), elevation, eminence, highland, hill, hump, mound, prominence, rise, uplandRelated Words alp, mount, mountain, peak; butte, mesa, plateau, table, tableland; bluff, cliff, crag, precipice, steep, tor; ridge, sierra; dome, sugarloaf; foothill, hillock, hummock, knob, knoll; downsNear Antonyms dale, dell, depression, dingle, glen, hollow, vale, valley; basin, bottom, bottomland, fen, flat, floodplain, plain, tidewaterAntonyms lowland

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