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  1. 1 affected with nausea eating all of that deep-fried food would make most people feel a little queer Synonyms of queer ill, nauseated, qualmish, queasy (also queazy), nauseous, queerish, sick, sickish, squeamishWords Related to queer green, peaked, peaky, sickly; unsettled, upset, woozyNear Antonyms of queer settled; healthy, well

  2. 2 different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion one competitor had a queer way of running that attracted a lot of attention from the spectators Synonyms of queer bizarre, bizarro, cranky, crazy, curious, eccentric, erratic, far-out, funky, funny, kinky, kooky (also kookie), offbeat, off-kilter, off-the-wall, outlandish, out-of-the-way, outré, peculiar, quaint, odd, queerish, quirky, remarkable, rum [chiefly British], screwy, spaced-out, strange, wacky (also whacky), way-out, weird, weirdo, wildWords Related to queer aberrant, abnormal, addlepated, flaky; extraordinary, fantastic (also fantastical), freak, freakish, freaky, phantasmagoric (or phantasmagorical), phenomenal; atypical, rare, singular, uncommon, uncustomary, unique, unusual, unwonted; conspicuous, notable, noticeable, outstanding, prominent, salient, striking; atrocious, outrageous, shocking; crotchety, idiosyncratic, nonconformist, nonmainstream, out-there, unconventional, unorthodox; baffling, bewildering, confounding, mystifying, perplexing, puzzlingNear Antonyms of queer average, commonplace, everyday, garden, normal, ordinary, prosaic, routine, run-of-the-mill, standard, typical, unexceptional, unremarkable, usual, workaday; conformist, conservative, conventional; expected, familiar, knee-jerk, predictable; common, customary, frequent, habitual, regular, wonted

  3. 3 noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced a lot of queer things started happening almost from the day that we moved into the house Synonyms of queer curious, extraordinary, funny, odd, offbeat, out-of-the-way, peculiar, unusual, rare, singular, strange, unaccustomed, uncommon, uncustomary, unique, weirdWords Related to queer bizarre, eccentric, far-out, kooky (also kookie), oddball, outlandish, outré, way-out; aberrant, abnormal, atypical, exceptional, irregular; newsworthy, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, particular, remarkable, specialNear Antonyms of queer unexceptional; expected, predictable; familiar, normal, regular, typicalAntonyms of queer common, ordinary, plain, usual

  4. 4 having extreme or relentless concern he's a little queer on the subject of astronomy; if you get him going, he'll talk for hours Synonyms of queer happy, obsessed, hung upWords Related to queer absorbed, anxious, concerned, distracted, engaged, engrossed, full, involved, knee-deep, occupied, preoccupied, prepossessed, worried; ardent, crazy, dotty, fervent, fervid, feverish, foolish, impassioned, nuts, passionate, sillyNear Antonyms of queer apathetic, casual, cool, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, incurious, indifferent, insouciant, nonchalant, unconcerned, uncurious, unenthusiastic, uninterested, uninvolved

  5. 5 being such in appearance only and made or manufactured with the intention of committing fraud queer money that was the work of a master forger Synonyms of queer bogus, fake, false, forged, inauthentic, phony (also phoney), counterfeit, sham, snide, spurious, unauthenticWords Related to queer artificial, factitious, imitation, man-made, mimic, mock, simulated, substitute, synthetic; dummy, nonfunctioning, ornamental; cultured, fabricated, manufactured; deceptive, delusive, misleadingNear Antonyms of queer natural; actual, true, validAntonyms of queer authentic, bona fide, genuine, real, unfaked

  6. 6 giving good reason for being doubted, questioned, or challenged queer business practices that bear some looking into Synonyms of queer debatable, disputable, dodgy [chiefly British], doubtable, dubious, dubitable, equivocal, fishy, problematic (also problematical), doubtful, questionable, shady, shaky, suspect, suspiciousWords Related to queer alleged, so-called, supposed; moot; ambiguous, open, unclear; uncertain, undecided, undetermined; far-fetched, flimsy, improbable, unlikely, weakNear Antonyms of queer decisive, definitive; clear, obvious, open-and-shut, positiveAntonyms of queer certain, hands-down, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable, questionless, sure, undeniable, undoubted, unproblematic, unquestionable

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