Synonyms and Antonyms of harmonize

  1. 1 to form a pleasing relationship the color of the walls harmonized nicely with the blue tones in the carpet Synonyms agree, assort, blend, chime, chime in, conform, consort, coordinate, groove Related Words balance, correlate, correspond, dovetail, hang together, match; meet, parallel; bond, coalesce, cohere, conjoin, fuse, merge, square, tally Near Antonyms contradict, contrast, counter, differ, diverge, jar; cancel (out), counteract, negate, offset Antonyms clash, collide, conflict

  2. 2 to bring to a state free of conflicts, inconsistencies, or differences an attempt to harmonize the New Testament version of events with the accounts of the ancient Romans Synonyms accommodate, attune, conciliate, conform, coordinate, key, reconcile Related Words adapt, tune; blend, combine, connect, correlate, dovetail, fit, fuse, integrate, join, match, merge, orchestrate, pair, square, suit, synchronize, synthesize, unify, unite; align (also aline), arrange, array, balance, equalize, even, order, proportion, regularize, standardize Near Antonyms confuse, disarray, disorder, disorganize, disrupt, disturb, skew, upset; alienate, estrange Antonyms disharmonize

  3. 3 to be in agreement on every point interrogated in separate rooms, the two burglary suspects gave stories that didn't harmonize at all Synonyms accord, agree, answer, chord, cohere, coincide, comport, conform, consist, correspond, dovetail, fit, go, check, jibe, rhyme (also rime), sort, square, tallyRelated Words equal, match, parallel; align (also aline), line up, registerNear Antonyms contradict, dispute, gainsay; negate, nullify; clash, conflict, jarAntonyms differ (from), disagree (with)

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