as in to hold
to make or have room for the back seat accommodates three people comfortably

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as in to house
to provide with living quarters or shelter regards the tent as entirely inadequate for accommodating them through the winter

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How is the word accommodate different from other verbs like it?

The words contain and hold are common synonyms of accommodate. While all three words mean "to have or be capable of having within," accommodate stresses holding without crowding or inconvenience.

the hall can accommodate 500 people

When could contain be used to replace accommodate?

The words contain and accommodate are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, contain implies the actual presence of a specified substance or quantity within something.

the can contains a quart of oil

In what contexts can hold take the place of accommodate?

While the synonyms hold and accommodate are close in meaning, hold implies the capacity of containing or the usual or permanent function of containing or keeping.

the bookcase will hold all my textbooks

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