Synonyms and Antonyms of ensconce

  1. 1 to establish or place comfortably or snugly the kids had contentedly ensconced themselves on the couch before the TV happily ensconced in her new home Synonyms install, lodge, nestle, perch, roost, settle Related Words deploy, emplace, fix, locate, park, plant, position, set, situate, station; anchor, bivouac, camp, camp (out); burrow, curl up, dig in; harbor, house

  2. 2 to put into a hiding place ensconced the spare house key in a place where no intruder would think to look Synonyms bury, cache, conceal, {h,1}hide, secreteRelated Words hoard, squirrel (away), stash; entomb, interNear Antonyms bare, expose, reveal, show, uncover, unmask, unveil, unwrap; flaunt, parade, show off; disinter, unearthAntonyms display, exhibit

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