Synonyms and Antonyms of cache

  1. 1 a collection of things kept available for future use or need a cache of medical supplies in case of emergency Synonyms store, deposit, hoard, reserveRelated Words budget, fund, nest egg; armory, arsenal, bank, pool, reservoir, stock, stockpile, supply; accumulation, assemblage, collection, gathering

  2. 2 a supply stored up and often hidden away the squirrel kept a cache of nuts in the hollow of the tree Synonyms hoard, stash, stockpile, storeRelated Words coffers, deposit, funds, nest egg, savings, sinking fund, treasure; inventory, pool, reserve, reservoir, stock; provisions, resources; accumulation, assemblage, collection, gathering, harvest; repertory



Synonyms and Antonyms of cache

  1. 1 to put (something of future use or value) in a safe or secret place an eccentric who cached money in odd places, such as under the boards of the floor Synonyms hoard, lay away, lay by, lay in, lay up, put by, salt away, squirrel (away), stash, stockpile, store, stow, treasureRelated Words accumulate, acquire, amass, assemble, collect, concentrate, garner, gather, pick up, round up, scrape (together); heap, pile, stack; conserve, husband, preserve; bank, coffer, deposit, hold, keep, reserve, retain, save, set by, stock, withhold; bury, conceal, ensconce, secreteNear Antonyms cast, discard, ditch, dump, fling (off or away), jettison, throw away, throw out, unload; consume, squander, use up, waste; hand out, hand over, relinquish, surrender; blow, dissipate, fritter (away), lavish, misspend, run through, spend; deplete, exhaust, expend, impoverish; dispel, disperse, dissipate, scatter

  2. 2 to put into a hiding place cached the fugitive slaves in their cellar until they could make their way to Canada Synonyms bury, {h,1}hide, conceal, ensconce, secreteRelated Words hoard, squirrel (away), stash; entomb, interNear Antonyms bare, expose, reveal, show, uncover, unmask, unveil, unwrap; flaunt, parade, show off; disinter, unearthAntonyms display, exhibit

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