Synonyms and Antonyms of lodge

  1. 1 a place that provides rooms and usually a public dining room for overnight guests when we go on our country vacation, we always stay at this little lodge in the middle of nowhere Synonyms auberge, caravansary (or caravanserai), hospice, hostel, hostelry, inn, hotel, public house, tavernRelated Words B and B, bed-and-breakfast, guesthouse; apartment hotel; accommodations, lodgings, rest; court, motel, motor court, motor inn, motor lodge, resort, spa, tourist court, youth hostel; camp, campground; bunkhouse, dorm, dormitory; boardinghouse, lodging house, rooming house; doss-house [chiefly British], fleabag, flophouse

  2. 2 an often small house for recreational or seasonal use every summer we rent a small fishing lodge by the lake Synonyms bach [New Zealand], cabin, camp, chalet, cottageRelated Words dacha, summerhouse; bungalow, cot; hut, shack, shanty

  3. 3 the meeting place of an organization the Masons meet at the lodge every Thursday evening Synonyms clubhouse, clubRelated Words den, hangout, haunt, hideaway, hideout, lair; camp, headquarters; conventicle, hall, house, meetinghouse

  4. 4 the shelter or resting place of a wild animal the family of beavers built a lodge near the narrow point of the river Synonyms burrow, hole, house, lair, denRelated Words nest; territory



Synonyms and Antonyms of lodge

  1. 1 to provide with living quarters or shelter the landlord can legally lodge up to 20 people in his apartment building at one time Synonyms accommodate, bestow, billet, bivouac, board, bunk, camp, chamber, domicile, encamp, harbor, house, put up, quarter, roof, room, shelter, take inRelated Words ensconce, home, roost, secure, shed, stable, tent; barrack; bed (down)Near Antonyms eject, evict

  2. 2 to establish or place comfortably or snugly our pet guinea pig lodged himself in the far corner of his cage and simply refused to come out Synonyms install, ensconce, nestle, perch, roost, settleRelated Words deploy, emplace, fix, locate, park, plant, position, set, situate, station; anchor, bivouac, camp, camp (out); burrow, curl up, dig in; harbor, house

  3. 3 to set solidly in or as if in surrounding matter the gunman had managed to lodge a bullet in my back, just inches from my spine Synonyms bed, embed (also imbed), enroot, fix, impact, implant, ingrain (also engrain), entrench, rootRelated Words imbue, infuse, instill; beat (into), drive (into); establish, place, put, settle, stickNear Antonyms eliminate, eradicate; eject, expel; detach, disconnect, disengage, removeAntonyms dislodge, root (out), uproot

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