Synonyms and Antonyms of tavern

  1. 1 a place of business where alcoholic beverages are sold to be consumed on the premises a seedy section of the city's waterfront that was rife with cheap taverns, tattoo parlors, and run-down flophouses Synonyms bar, café (also cafe), cantina [Southwest], dramshop, gin mill, grogshop [chiefly British], pub, public house [chiefly British], saloon, taproom, barroom, watering hole, watering placeRelated Words alehouse, barrelhouse, bistro, bottle club, brewpub, cabaret, dive, joint, nightclub, roadhouse, speakeasy, sports bar, wineshop; package store

  2. 2 a place that provides rooms and usually a public dining room for overnight guests a colonial-era tavern that has been serving weary travelers for two and a half centuries Synonyms auberge, caravansary (or caravanserai), hospice, hostel, hostelry, inn, lodge, public house, hotelRelated Words B and B, bed-and-breakfast, guesthouse; apartment hotel; accommodations, lodgings, rest; court, motel, motor court, motor inn, motor lodge, resort, spa, tourist court, youth hostel; camp, campground; bunkhouse, dorm, dormitory; boardinghouse, lodging house, rooming house; doss-house [chiefly British], fleabag, flophouse

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