Synonyms and Antonyms of cabin

  1. 1 a small, simply constructed, and often temporary dwelling a small cabin that hikers along the Appalachian Trail use for overnight stays Synonyms shack, camp, hooch (or hootch) [slang], hovel, hut, hutch, hutment, shantyRelated Words lean-to, shed; cot, cottage, lodge; cabana; bungalow, chalet; hogan, wickiup, wigwam; tent

  2. 2 an often small house for recreational or seasonal use kept a cabin in the mountains for vacations during skiing season Synonyms bach [New Zealand], cottage, camp, chalet, lodgeRelated Words dacha, summerhouse; bungalow, cot; hut, shack, shanty

  3. 3 one of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided an airplane cabin Synonyms bay, compartment, cell, chamber, cube, cubicleRelated Words cubbyhole, pigeonhole, snuggery [chiefly British]; alcove, niche, nook, recess; cabinet, drawer, locker; cavity, hole, hollow; booth, box, crib, loge, stall; bunker, crypt, vault

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a dividing ridge between drainage areas

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