Synonyms and Antonyms of locker

  1. 1 a covered rectangular container for storing or transporting things <the enlisted man usually stored his uniform in his locker at the foot of his bed> Synonyms bin, box, caddy, case, casket, chest, trunkRelated Words carton, crate; footlocker, chest, sea chest; coffer, lockbox, safe, safe-deposit box, strongbox; coffin; compartment, vault; canteen; caisson, hope chest; minaudière; bandbox, hatbox, jewel box, snuffbox, tinderbox

  2. 2 a storage case typically having doors and shelves <a down-at-the heels health club where most of the lockers look to be unusable> Synonyms buffet, closet, console, cupboard, hutch, cabinet, press, sideboardRelated Words bookcase, breakfront, chest, china closet, credence, credenza, étagère (or etagere), secretary, showcase, taboret (or tabouret), vitrine; cuddy, dresser, pie safe; armoire, clothespress, garderobe, wardrobe; cabinetry, shelving

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