Synonyms and Antonyms of cupboard

  1. 1 a built-in space for storage behind a door the colonial dining room features a double-door corner cupboard for the family's finest china Synonyms cuddy, closet, pantry, pressRelated Words ambry [chiefly British dialect], buttery [chiefly dialect], larder, spence [chiefly British dialect]; cloakroom, coatroom, garderobe, vestiary, wardrobe

  2. 2 a storage case typically having doors and shelves dishes go in the cupboard next to the sink Synonyms buffet, closet, console, cabinet, hutch, locker, press, sideboardRelated Words bookcase, breakfront, chest, china closet, credence, credenza, étagère (or etagere), secretary, showcase, taboret (or tabouret), vitrine; cuddy, dresser, pie safe; armoire, clothespress, garderobe, wardrobe; cabinetry, shelving

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