Synonyms and Antonyms of hutch

  1. 1 a small, simply constructed, and often temporary dwelling <the destitute family lives in a tiny hutch made of tin and cardboard> Synonyms cabin, camp, hooch (or hootch) [slang], hovel, hut, shack, hutment, shantyRelated Words lean-to, shed; cot, cottage, lodge; cabana; bungalow, chalet; hogan, wickiup, wigwam; tent

  2. 2 a storage case typically having doors and shelves <keeps her best china in a hutch in the dining room> Synonyms buffet, closet, console, cupboard, cabinet, locker, press, sideboardRelated Words bookcase, breakfront, chest, china closet, credence, credenza, étagère (or etagere), secretary, showcase, taboret (or tabouret), vitrine; cuddy, dresser, pie safe; armoire, clothespress, garderobe, wardrobe; cabinetry, shelving

  3. 3 an enclosure with an open framework for keeping animals <the owner took the rabbit out of the hutch so the children could pet it> Synonyms coop, corral, cage, pen, poundRelated Words kennel, run; kraal, stockade; cote, dovecote (also dovecot), henhouse; fold, sheepfold; pigpen; aquarium, terrarium; live-box; fence

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