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  1. 1 a small, simply constructed, and often temporary dwelling the destitute family lives in a tiny hutch made of tin and cardboard Synonyms cabin, camp, hooch (or hootch) [slang], hovel, hut, shack, hutment, shantyRelated Words lean-to, shed; cot, cottage, lodge; cabana; bungalow, chalet; hogan, wickiup, wigwam; tent

  2. 2 a storage case typically having doors and shelves keeps her best china in a hutch in the dining room Synonyms buffet, closet, console, cupboard, cabinet, locker, press, sideboardRelated Words bookcase, breakfront, chest, china closet, credence, credenza, étagère (or etagere), secretary, showcase, taboret (or tabouret), vitrine; cuddy, dresser, pie safe; armoire, clothespress, garderobe, wardrobe; cabinetry, shelving

  3. 3 an enclosure with an open framework for keeping animals the owner took the rabbit out of the hutch so the children could pet it Synonyms coop, corral, cage, pen, poundRelated Words kennel, run; kraal, stockade; cote, dovecote (also dovecot), henhouse; fold, sheepfold; pigpen; aquarium, terrarium; live-box; fence

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