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  1. 1 a place where a group of people live for a short time in tents or cabins the arriving national guardsmen were forced to live in a hutment until permanent barracks could be constructed Synonyms bivouac, campground, campsite, encampment, campRelated Words canvas (also canvass), tentage; colony, plantation, settlement; Hooverville, jungle, shantytown; concentration camp, prison camp; barracks, cantonment, installation, laager [South African], leaguer, post

  2. 2 a small, simply constructed, and often temporary dwelling a group of shabby hutments that had been erected to shelter the refugees Synonyms cabin, camp, hooch (or hootch) [slang], hovel, hut, hutch, shack, shantyRelated Words lean-to, shed; cot, cottage, lodge; cabana; bungalow, chalet; hogan, wickiup, wigwam; tent

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