Synonyms and Antonyms of niche

  1. 1 a hollowed-out space in a wall statues of various saints occupy the niches lining the abbey's many corridors Synonyms alcove, nook, recess Related Words corner, cranny, cubbyhole; cubicle; dent, embrasure, indent, indentation, indenture; ambry, housing, shrine

  2. 2 a situation or activity for which a person or thing is best suited after several false starts, she finally found her niche in the restaurant business Synonyms groove, place, slot Related Words appointment, berth, billet, capacity, function, job, position, post; rank, standing, station, status; forte, long suit, métier (also metier), speciality, specialty, strong suit, thing

  3. 3 the place where a plant or animal is usually or naturally found the platypus's niche is the waters of eastern Australia and Tasmania Synonyms habitat, home, range, territoryRelated Words element, environment, environs, haunt, locality, milieu, neighborhood, setting, surroundings

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