Synonyms and Antonyms of indentation

  1. 1 a sunken area forming a separate space <the previous occupant's furniture had left some fairly noticeable indentations in the carpet> Synonyms cavity, concavity, dent, depression, dint, hollow, hole, indenture, pit, recessRelated Words burrow, cave, cavern, ditch, excavation, furrow, groove, gutter, trench, trough; basin, bowl, valley; alcove, cleft, niche, nook, opening, recess, socket; alveolus, dimple, gouge, impression, imprint, notch, pocket; borehole, chuckhole, crater, posthole, pothole, sinkhole, wallow, water hole, well; abyss, chasm, gulf, vacuity, vacuum, voidNear Antonyms hill, mound, rise; bump, bunch, hump, lump, pimple, swell, swelling, tumorAntonyms bulge, camber, convexity, jut, projection, protrusion, protuberance

  2. 2 a V-shaped cut usually on an edge or a surface <deep indentations along the edge of the leaf> Synonyms chip, hack, indent, notch, indenture, kerf, nickRelated Words joggle, nock, punch, snip; groove, score, undercut; slit, slot

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