Synonyms and Antonyms of score

  1. 1 a lingering ill will towards a person for a real or imagined wrong a whistle-blower who was more interested in settling a score with his employers than in exposing an injustice Synonyms down [chiefly British], grievance, resentment, grudgeRelated Words condemnation; offense (or offence), umbrage; complaint; dudgeon, huff, peeve, pique; despite, hatefulness, malevolence, malice, maliciousness, meanness, nastiness, spite, spitefulness, spleen, venom, viciousness; animosity, antagonism, antipathy, bitterness, enmity, hostility, rancor

  2. 2 something (as money) which is owed we'll pay the full score next week Synonyms arrearage, arrears, indebtedness, liability (usually liabilities), obligation, debtRelated Words bond, debit, delinquency; bankruptcy, default, embarrassment, insolvencyNear Antonyms quietus, quittance, repayment; asset



Synonyms and Antonyms of score

  1. 1 to mark with or as if with a line or groove the glassblower scored the glass rod first so that it would break cleanly Synonyms groove, scribe, seam Related Words abrade, file, graze, mill, rasp, scarify, scratch; bevel, chamfer, flute

  2. 2 to gain (as points or runs in a game) as credit towards one's total number of points he scored the winning goal in the final minute of play Synonyms rack up, tally Related Words triumph, win; best, defeat Near Antonyms lose

  3. 3 to obtain (as a goal) through effort finally scored a good job after years of hard work Synonyms attain, bag, chalk up, clock (up) [chiefly British], gain, hit, log, make, notch (up), rack up, ring up, achieve, winRelated Words acquire, capture, carry, draw, garner, get, land, make, obtain, procure, realize, secure; amount (to), approach, equal, match, measure up (to), meet, rival, tie, touch; beat, excel, outdo, surpass, topNear Antonyms fall short (of), miss; fail (at); lose

  4. 4 to criticize (someone) severely or angrily especially for personal failings scored her for failing to report the security breach immediately Synonyms baste, bawl out, berate, call down, castigate, chastise, chew out, dress down, flay, hammer, jaw, keelhaul, lambaste (or lambast), lecture, rag, rail (at or against), rant (at), rate, ream (out), rebuke, reprimand, reproach, scold, tongue-lash, upbraidRelated Words admonish, chide, remonstrate (with), reprove; abuse, assail, attack, bad-mouth, blame, blast, censure, condemn, criticize, crucify, denounce, dis (also diss) [slang], excoriate, fault, harangue, knock, lace (into), lash, pan, reprehend, revile, scourge, slam, vituperate; belittle, disparage, mock, put down; ridicule, scoff, scornNear Antonyms approve, endorse (also indorse), sanction; extol (also extoll), laud, praise

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