Synonyms and Antonyms of grudge

  1. 1 a lingering ill will towards a person for a real or imagined wrong he's had a grudge against her ever since she snubbed him at the dance Synonyms down [chiefly British], grievance, resentment, score Related Words condemnation; offense (or offence), umbrage; complaint; dudgeon, huff, peeve, pique; despite, hatefulness, malevolence, malice, maliciousness, meanness, nastiness, spite, spitefulness, spleen, venom, viciousness; animosity, antagonism, antipathy, bitterness, enmity, hostility, rancor

  2. 2 a deep-seated ill will there's been a grudge between the two families for years Synonyms animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, bad blood, bitterness, gall, enmity, hostility, jaundice, rancorRelated Words blood feud, feud, score, vendetta; hate, hatred, loathing; vindictiveness, virulence, vitriol; alienation, disaffection, estrangement; conflict, coolness, discord, friction, strain, tension; inhospitableness, unfriendliness; malice, malignancy, malignity, spite, spitefulness, venomNear Antonyms amiability, amicability, civility, cordiality, friendliness, hospitality, neighborliness; comity, empathy, friendship, goodwill, sympathy, understandingAntonyms amity

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