Synonyms and Antonyms of win

  1. an instance of defeating an enemy or opponent a team with 12 wins and two losses Synonyms palm, triumph, victoryRelated Words capture, conquest, mastery, subjugation, vanquishing; blowout, landslide, laugher, romp, runaway, shutout, sweep, walkaway, walkover; squeaker; success; takeoverNear Antonyms upset; collapse, debacle (also débâcle), disaster, failure, fizzle, flop, nonsuccess, washout; decline, slip, slump, wane; lurch, setbackAntonyms beating, defeat, drubbing, licking, loss, overthrow, rout, shellacking, trimming, whipping



Synonyms and Antonyms of win

  1. 1 to achieve victory (as in a contest) the kind of person who always has to win—even if the game is just for fun Synonyms conquer, prevail, triumph Related Words overcome, sweep; squeak, squeeze; contend, vie; succeed; breeze, romp Phrases carry the day; kick butt Near Antonyms collapse, fail, flop, fold, wash out; flounder, struggle; decline, slip, slump, wane Antonyms lose

  2. 2 to receive as return for effort win a gold medal in swimming Synonyms acquire, attain, bag, bring in, capture, carry, come by, draw, gain, garner, get, knock down, land, make, obtain, procure, pull down, realize, reap, secure, earnRelated Words clear, gross, net; accomplish, achieve, notch (up), score; accumulate, amass, draw, rack up; catch, pick up; annex, occupy, take over; reacquire, reattain, recapture, regain, remakeNear Antonyms accord, give, grant, pay; give up, hand over, part (with), relinquish, surrender, yieldAntonyms forfeit, lose

  3. 3 to obtain (as a goal) through effort won a substantial victory in the struggle for civil rights for all Synonyms attain, bag, chalk up, clock (up) [chiefly British], gain, hit, log, make, notch (up), rack up, ring up, score, achieveRelated Words acquire, capture, carry, draw, garner, get, land, make, obtain, procure, realize, secure; amount (to), approach, equal, match, measure up (to), meet, rival, tie, touch; beat, excel, outdo, surpass, topNear Antonyms fall short (of), miss; fail (at); lose

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