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  1. 1 to set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set everyone remembers that special teacher who enrooted within them a love of learning Synonyms breed, implant, inculcate, infix, inseminate, instill, plant, sowRelated Words drive, hammer, pound; embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), fix, lodge, root; imbue, infuse, ingrain (also engrain), inoculate, invest, steep, suffuse

  2. 2 to set solidly in or as if in surrounding matter a deeply enrooted tradition of respect for the elderly Synonyms bed, embed (also imbed), entrench, fix, impact, implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, rootRelated Words imbue, infuse, instill; beat (into), drive (into); establish, place, put, settle, stickNear Antonyms eliminate, eradicate; eject, expel; detach, disconnect, disengage, removeAntonyms dislodge, root (out), uproot

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