Synonyms and Antonyms of infix

  1. 1 to produce a vivid impression of <a puzzling detail that had been infixed in the detective's mind for over a decade> Synonyms brand, etch, impress, imprint, engrave, ingrain (also engrain)Related Words enroot, imbue, implant, inculcate, infuse, instill; fix, set, stampNear Antonyms blot out, erase, expunge, obliterate

  2. 2 to set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set <a football coach celebrated for infixing in his players an all-consuming will to win> Synonyms breed, enroot, inculcate, implant, inseminate, instill, plant, sowRelated Words drive, hammer, pound; embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), fix, lodge, root; imbue, infuse, ingrain (also engrain), inoculate, invest, steep, suffuse

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of, relating to, or resembling a fox

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