Synonyms and Antonyms of contrive

  1. 1 to create or think of by clever use of the imagination contrived abstract metal sculptures using old household utensils Synonyms concoct, construct, invent, cook (up), devise, drum up, excogitate, fabricate, make up, manufacture, think (up), trump up, vamp (up)Related Words coin, design, hatch, produce; daydream, dream, fantasize; conceive, envisage, envision, imagine, picture, vision, visualize; ad-lib, extemporize, improviseNear Antonyms clone, copy, copycat, duplicate, imitate, mimic, reduplicate, replicate, reproduce

  2. 2 to engage in a secret plan to accomplish evil or unlawful ends the mischievous boys were always contriving and trying to pull the prank that would be the talk of the school Synonyms collude, compass, connive, conspire, plot, intrigue, machinate, put up, schemeRelated Words counterplot; brew, concoct, cook (up), devise, hatch; engineer, jockey, maneuver, manipulate; design, frame, lay out, map, plan, shape

  3. 3 to plan out usually with subtle skill or care contrived a way of helping the needy family without their knowing it Synonyms engineer, finagle, finesse, frame, machinate, maneuver, manipulate, mastermind, negotiate, wangleRelated Words arrange, concert, conclude, hammer out, work out; angle (for), compass, intrigue, plot, scheme; connive; brew, concoct, cook (up), hatch; captain, command, conduct, direct, handle, manage, quarterback, run; gerrymanderNear Antonyms blow, bobble, botch, bungle, butcher, flub, fumble, gum (up), louse up, mangle, mess (up), mishandle, muff

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