Synonyms and Antonyms of catechize

  1. 1 to put a question or questions to her roommates catechized her about every detail of her date with her new boyfriend Synonyms ask, grill, inquire (of), interrogate, query, question, quizRelated Words besiege, bombard, cross-examine, cross-question, examine, pump; poll, surveyNear Antonyms rejoin, retort; comment, observe, remark; avoid, duckAntonyms answer, reply, respond

  2. 2 to put a series of questions to applicants are rigorously cathechized by the seminary's rector regarding their motives for joining the priesthood Synonyms examine, grill, interrogate, pump, query, question, quiz, sweat [slang]Related Words debrief; cross-examine, cross-question; annoy, harass, hound, pester; canvass (also canvas), poll

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