Synonyms and Antonyms of ask

  1. 1 to put a question or questions to <my coworkers asked me all about my trip to Machu Picchu> Synonyms catechize, grill, inquire (of), interrogate, query, question, quiz Related Words besiege, bombard, cross-examine, cross-question, examine, pump; poll, survey Near Antonyms rejoin, retort; comment, observe, remark; avoid, duck Antonyms answer, reply, respond

  2. 2 to make a request of <ask the salesclerk for assistance> Synonyms hit (up), request, solicit Related Words appeal (to), beg, beseech, conjure, entreat, implore, importune, invite, invoke, petition, plead (to), pray, supplicate; demand, enjoin, exact, press, require Phrases call on (or upon) Near Antonyms coerce, compel, constrain, force, oblige, require

  3. 3 to set or receive as a price <they are only asking $300 for that antique grandfather clock> Synonyms charge, command, demandRelated Words overcharge, undercharge; bring, fetch, sell (for); discount, mark down, mark up; assess, bill, invoice; price, value

  4. 4 to request the presence or participation of <a fixture on the party circuit, that couple is always asking people over for dinner> Synonyms invite, bidRelated Words solicit; beckon, call, summon

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