Synonyms and Antonyms of solicit

  1. 1 to go around and approach (people) with a request for opinions or information solicited several opinions about which job he should accept Synonyms of solicit interview, poll, canvass, surveyWords Related to solicit circularize; interrogate, question; feel (out), sound (out)Near Antonyms of solicit report

  2. 2 to make a request for always ready to solicit donations for a charity Synonyms of solicit bespeak, call (for), desire, plead (for), quest, request, seek, ask, speak (for), sue (for)Words Related to solicit apply (for), beg (for), claim, clamor (for), importune, urge, wish (for); demand, enjoin, exact, insist (on), petition (for), press (for), require, requisition; invite, invoke

  3. 3 to make a request of solicited him to join the team Synonyms of solicit hit (up), request, askWords Related to solicit appeal (to), beg, beseech, conjure, entreat, implore, importune, invite, invoke, petition, plead (to), pray, supplicate; demand, enjoin, exact, press, requireNear Antonyms of solicit coerce, compel, constrain, force, oblige, require

  4. 4 to make a request to (someone) in an earnest or urgent manner solicit the President for relief funds Synonyms of solicit appeal (to), beseech, besiege, conjure, entreat, impetrate, implore, importune, petition, plead (to), pray, beg, supplicateWords Related to solicit bludge [chiefly Australian & New Zealand], cadge, mooch, sponge; ask, desire, invoke, request, sue; claim, coerce, command, compel, demand, force, insist, requireNear Antonyms of solicit hint, imply, intimate, suggest; appease, conciliate, gratify, mollify, oblige, pacify, placate, please, satisfy; comfort, console, content, quiet

  5. 5 to lead away from a usual or proper course by offering some pleasure or advantage how many men have been solicited into purchasing bogus aids for “male enhancement” by shameless appeals to their vanity? Synonyms of solicit allure, bait, beguile, betray, decoy, entice, lead on, seduce, lure, temptWords Related to solicit draw in, inveigle, persuade, rope (in), snow; catch, enmesh (also immesh), ensnare, entrap, mesh, snare, tangle, trap; bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, magnetize, wileNear Antonyms of solicit alert, caution, forewarn, ward (off), warn; drive (away or off), repulse, turn away

Synonym Discussion of solicit

ask, request, solicit mean to seek to obtain by making one's wants known. ask implies no more than the statement of the desire.
    • ask a favor of a friend
request implies greater formality and courtesy.
    • requests the pleasure of your company
solicit suggests a calling attention to one's wants or desires by public announcement or advertisement.
    • a letter soliciting information

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