Synonyms and Antonyms of bewitch

  1. 1 to cast a spell on a Wiccan who believes that it is indeed possible to bewitch someone Synonyms charm, enchant, ensorcell (or ensorcel), hex, overlook, spell, strike Related Words curse, jinx, possess, voodoo; attract, beguile, captivate, fascinate, mesmerize, spellbind; entice, lure, seduce, tempt Near Antonyms bless

  2. 2 to attract or delight as if by magic an animated film that bewitches children and adults alike Synonyms allure, beguile, charm, captivate, enchant, fascinate, kill, magnetize, wile, witch [archaic]Related Words disarm, draw, entice, lure, pull, seduce, tempt; delight, gratify, please; arrest, enrapture, enthrall (or enthral), entrance; appeal (to), interest, intrigue; beckon, court, invite, solicit, wooNear Antonyms disgust, offend, repel, revolt; annoy, displease, irk; bore, tire, weary

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