Synonyms and Antonyms of enchant

  1. 1 to attract or delight as if by magic the child actress enchanted audiences with her bubbly personality Synonyms allure, beguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, fascinate, kill, magnetize, wile, witch [archaic]Related Words disarm, draw, entice, lure, pull, seduce, tempt; delight, gratify, please; arrest, enrapture, enthrall (or enthral), entrance; appeal (to), interest, intrigue; beckon, court, invite, solicit, wooNear Antonyms disgust, offend, repel, revolt; annoy, displease, irk; bore, tire, weary

  2. 2 to cast a spell on out of spite, the jealous queen enchanted her chief rival for the title of the fairest one of all Synonyms charm, bewitch, ensorcell (or ensorcel), hex, overlook, spell, strikeRelated Words curse, jinx, possess, voodoo; attract, beguile, captivate, fascinate, mesmerize, spellbind; entice, lure, seduce, temptNear Antonyms bless

  3. 3 to hold the attention of as if by a spell the tales about the young wizard have enchanted children around the globe Synonyms arrest, bedazzle, catch up, enthrall, fascinate, grip, hypnotize, mesmerize, spellbindRelated Words enrapture, entrance, thrill; beguile, bewitch, charm; absorb, engage, engross, involve

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