Synonyms and Antonyms of price

  1. 1 the amount of money that is demanded as payment for something <I really wanted to buy that shirt, but the price was more money than I had> Synonyms ante, charge, cost, damage, fee, figure, freight, price tag Related Words fair market value, market value, valuation, value; asking price, list price, sticker price; price point, rate, tariff, unit price; carrying charge, overcharge, service charge (also service fee), surcharge; deduction, discount, markdown, reduction, sale; deposit; down payment; account, bill, check, invoice, tab

  2. 2 the loss or penalty involved in achieving a goal <I finished the project, but the price was losing a night's sleep> Synonyms cost Related Words expense, toll; damages, forfeit, forfeiture, mulct, sacrifice; ante, risk

  3. 3 something offered or given in return for a service performed <there was a price on the criminal's head> Synonyms bounty, rewardRelated Words bonus, lagniappe, premium; bonanza, jackpot, treasure trove; award, decoration, distinction, honor, plume, prize, trophy; gratuity, tip; desert(s), wages

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