Synonyms and Antonyms of learn

  1. 1 to acquire complete knowledge, understanding, or skill in after months of trying, he finally learned the dance steps Synonyms of learn get, master, pick up Words Related to learn apprehend, comprehend, grasp, know, understand; absorb, assimilate, digest, drink (in), imbibe; ascertain, descry, detect, determine, dig up, discern, discover, examine, find out, hear, hit (on or upon), run down, scare up, search (for), see, track (down), tumble (to), unearth; major (in), study; memorize Phrases get the hang of Near Antonyms of learn forget; misunderstand; miss, overlook; disregard, ignore, neglect Antonyms of learn unlearn

  2. 2 to come to an awareness of the directors have since learned that they should examine the company's financial reports a little more closely Synonyms of learn ascertain, catch on (to), find out, get on (to), hear, discover, realize, see, wise (up)Words Related to learn hit (on or upon), tumble (to); descry, detect, encounter, espy, see, spot; calculate, dope (out), figure out, find, puzzle (out); discern, mind, note, observe, perceive; divineNear Antonyms of learn miss, overlook; disregard, ignore; forget, unlearn; blanket, blot out, cloak, conceal, cover, curtain, enshroud, hide, mask, occult, screen, shroud, veil

  3. 3 to come upon after searching, study, or effort the police were astonished when they learned the identity of the students who had vandalized the school Synonyms of learn ascertain, descry, detect, determine, dig out, dig up, discover, dredge (up), ferret (out), find out, get, hit (on or upon), hunt (down or up), find, locate, nose out, root (out), rout (out), rummage, run down, scare up, scout (up), track (down), turn upWords Related to learn espy, sight, spot; look for, search (for or out), seekNear Antonyms of learn lose, mislay, misplace, missetAntonyms of learn miss, overlook, pass over

  4. 4 to commit to memory he learned the words to the song while performing karaoke Synonyms of learn con, memorize, studyWords Related to learn hark back (to), mind [chiefly dialect], recall, recollect, relive, remember, reminisce (about), retain, think (of); accept, apprehend, comprehend, get, grasp, know, understand; absorb, digestNear Antonyms of learn disremember, forget, misremember; disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook, overpass, pass over, slight, slur (over)Antonyms of learn unlearn

Synonym Discussion of learn

discover, ascertain, determine, unearth, learn mean to find out what one did not previously know. discover may apply to something requiring exploration or investigation or to a chance encounter.
    • discovered the source of the river
ascertain implies effort to find the facts or the truth proceeding from awareness of ignorance or uncertainty.
    • attempts to ascertain the population of the region
determine emphasizes the intent to establish the facts definitely or precisely.
    • unable to determine the origin of the word
unearth implies bringing to light something forgotten or hidden.
    • unearth old records
learn may imply acquiring knowledge with little effort or conscious intention (as by simply being told) or it may imply study and practice.
    • I learned her name only today
    • learning Greek

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