Synonyms and Antonyms of digest

  1. 1 a short statement of the main points a digest of yesterday's departmental meeting Synonyms abstract, breviary, brief, capsule, conspectus, summary, encapsulation, epitome, inventory, outline, précis, recap, recapitulation, résumé (or resume also resumé), roundup, rundown, run-through, sum, summa, summarization, summing-up, sum-up, synopsis, wrap-upRelated Words abbreviation, abridgment (or abridgement), compend, compendium, condensation, curtailment, shortening; simplification, streamlining; rehash, reprise; conclusion, epilogue (also epilog)Near Antonyms amplification, enlargement, expansion; addendum, supplement

  2. 2 a shortened version of a written work on the ballot there will be a digest of the proposed law that is to be submitted for voter approval Synonyms abbreviation, bowdlerization, condensation, abridgmentRelated Words abstract, aperçu, brief, capsule, outline, overview, précis, recap, recapitulation, résumé (or resume also resumé), review, sketch, sum, summarization, summary, summation, survey, syllabus, synopsis, tabloid, wrap-upNear Antonyms amplification, elaboration, enlargement, expansion



Synonyms and Antonyms of digest

  1. 1 to arrange or assign according to type this volume digests the state's laws regarding drugs and alcohol for easy reference by local authorities Synonyms assort, break down, categorize, class, codify, compartment, compartmentalize, classify, distinguish, distribute, grade, group, peg, place, range, rank, relegate, separate, sort, typeRelated Words array, dispose, draw up, marshal (also marshall), order, organize, systematize; alphabetize, catalog (or catalogue), file, index, list, refer; pigeonhole, shelve; identify, recognize; cull, screen, set, sieve, sift, winnow; clump, cluster, colligate; recategorize, reclassify, regroup; subcategorizeNear Antonyms confuse, disarrange, jumble, lump, mix (up), scramble; misclassify, missort, mistype

  2. 2 to make into a short statement of the main points (as of a report) I digested the results of my experiments into a few pages Synonyms abstract, boil down, brief, summarize, encapsulate, epitomize, outline, recap, recapitulate, reprise, sum up, synopsize, wrap upRelated Words abridge, condense, curtail, cut back, shorten; downsize, shrink; concentrate, consolidate; decoct, essentialize; simplify, streamlineNear Antonyms elongate, extend, lengthen, prolong, protract; amplify, elaborate (on or upon), enlarge (on or upon), expand, supplement

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