Synonyms and Antonyms of distribute

  1. 1 to arrange or assign according to type distribute the assignments according to seniority Synonyms of distribute assort, break down, categorize, class, codify, compartment, compartmentalize, digest, distinguish, classify, grade, group, peg, place, range, rank, relegate, separate, sort, typeWords Related to distribute array, dispose, draw up, marshal (also marshall), order, organize, systematize; alphabetize, catalog (or catalogue), file, index, list, refer; pigeonhole, shelve; identify, recognize; cull, screen, set, sieve, sift, winnow; clump, cluster, colligate; recategorize, reclassify, regroup; subcategorizeNear Antonyms of distribute confuse, disarrange, jumble, lump, mix (up), scramble; misclassify, missort, mistype

  2. 2 to give as a share or portion committed to distributing the school's limited scholarship money so that it benefits more students Synonyms of distribute allocate, allow, apportion, assign, allot, lot, rationWords Related to distribute admeasure, administer, deal, dispense, divide, dole out, hand out, measure, mete (out), meter, parcel (out), part, portion, prorate, share (out), split; accord, award, give, grant; earmark, reserve; chip in, contribute, donate; reallocate, reapportion, reassign, redistributeNear Antonyms of distribute begrudge, deny, deprive (of); keep, retain, stint, withhold; appropriate, arrogate, confiscate

  3. 3 to give out (something) to appropriate individuals distributed pamphlets on recycling to everyone in the neighborhood Synonyms of distribute allocate, apportion, deal (out), dispense, administer, dole out, hand out, mete (out), parcel (out), portion, prorateWords Related to distribute admeasure, allot, allow, appropriate, assign, dish out, divide, divvy (up), dollop (out), lot, measure (out), part, proportion, ration, redistribute, set, share (out), split; bestow, disburse, furnish, issue, provide, share, supply; circulate, disperse, disseminate, scatter, spread; chip in, contribute, donate, pledge; reallocate, reapportionNear Antonyms of distribute begrudge, decline, deny, deprive (of), disallow, refuse, reject, withhold; niggle (out), pinch, skimp, stintAntonyms of distribute misallocate

Synonym Discussion of distribute

distribute, dispense, divide, deal, dole out mean to give out, usually in shares, to each member of a group. distribute implies an apportioning by separation of something into parts, units, or amounts.
    • distributed food to the needy
dispense suggests the giving of a carefully weighed or measured portion to each of a group according to due or need.
    • dispensed wisdom to the students
divide stresses the separation of a whole into parts and implies that the parts are equal.
    • three charitable groups divided the proceeds
deal emphasizes the allotment of something piece by piece.
    • deal out equipment and supplies
dole out implies a carefully measured portion of something that is often in short supply.
    • doled out what little food there was

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