Synonyms and Antonyms of condensation

  1. 1 a shortened version of a written work a condensation of the opinion issued by the state's supreme court Synonyms abbreviation, bowdlerization, abridgment, digestRelated Words abstract, aperçu, brief, capsule, outline, overview, précis, recap, recapitulation, résumé (or resume also resumé), review, sketch, sum, summarization, summary, summation, survey, syllabus, synopsis, tabloid, wrap-upNear Antonyms amplification, elaboration, enlargement, expansion

  2. 2 the act or process of reducing the size or volume of something by or as if by pressing a staff employed in the condensation of magazine articles Synonyms compacting, compaction, compression, condensing, constricting, constriction, contracting, contraction, squeeze, squeezing, telescopingRelated Words abbreviation, abridgment (or abridgement), curtailment, shortening; concentration, consolidation; simplification, streamlining; decreasing, diminishment, lesseningNear Antonyms dilation, dispersion, dissipation, scattering; distension (or distention), inflation, swellingAntonyms decompression, expansion

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