Synonyms and Antonyms of examine

  1. 1 to put a series of questions to the defense attorney was eager to examine her star witness Synonyms catechize, grill, interrogate, pump, query, question, quiz, sweat [slang] Related Words debrief; cross-examine, cross-question; annoy, harass, hound, pester; canvass (also canvas), poll Phrases give the third degree to, pick the brains of

  2. 2 to look over closely (as for judging quality or condition) the customer painstakingly examined the antique piece of furniture from top to bottom before purchasing it Synonyms audit, check (out), con, inspect, overlook, oversee, review, scan, scrutinize, survey, viewRelated Words notice, observe, watch; comb, peruse, pore (over); analyze, dissect, parse; delve (into), explore, investigate, plumb, probe, research, study; categorize, classify; pick over; reinspect, rereview, resurveyNear Antonyms skim; glance (at or over); miss, overlook

  3. 3 to search through or into a groundbreaking study that examined the causes of juvenile delinquency Synonyms delve (into), dig (into), explore, inquire (into), investigate, look (into), probe, researchRelated Words inspect, sift, study, view; browse, cruise, peruse, scan, skim (through), surf, thumb (through); coinvestigate, reinvestigate

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