Synonyms and Antonyms of skim

  1. 1 to turn over pages in an idle or cursory manner I'll just skim through a few styling magazines and see if something interesting catches my eye Synonyms flip, leaf, riffle, thumb Related Words browse, dip; glance (at), look over, scan Near Antonyms pore (over); study

  2. 2 to move or proceed smoothly and readily a lone hang glider skimming along just above the treetops Synonyms bowl, breeze, brush, coast, cruise, drift, glide, roll, sail, flow, slide, slip, stream, sweep, whiskRelated Words fly, race, rush, speedNear Antonyms limp, lumber, plod, stumble, trudge; shamble, shuffle; stamp, stomp, stump, tramp; labor, toilAntonyms flounder, struggle

  3. 3 to pass lightly across or touch gently especially in passing her hand just barely skimmed the wall as she ran down the hallway Synonyms graze, kiss, nudge, shave, {h,2}brushRelated Words bump, contact, scrape, sideswipe, strike, sweep, swipe, touch; bounce, carom, glance, rebound, ricochet, skip; caress, cuddle, fondle, love, pat, pet, stroke; miss, skirtNear Antonyms bang, bash, bump, clash, collide, crash, hit, impact, impinge, knock, punch, ram, slam, slap, smack, smash, swipe, thud, thwack, whack

  4. 4 to strike and fly off at an angle the rock just skimmed the surface of the water Synonyms bounce, carom, rebound, ricochet, glance, skipRelated Words brush, graze, nudge, rake, shave, sweep; bump, contact, hit, kiss, touch; sideswipe; reflect

  5. 5 to take a quick or hasty look he impatiently skimmed through the book, looking for the specific passage he remembered seeing Synonyms browse, dip, glimpse, glint, peek, glanceRelated Words keek [chiefly Scottish], peep; blink, squint; look over, peruse, rake, scanNear Antonyms examine, overlook, oversee, question, survey; study, view; peer, pry; gawk, goggle, rubberneck; leer, ogleAntonyms gaze, stare

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