Synonyms and Antonyms of kiss

  1. 1 to touch one another with the lips as a sign of love <it's traditional for couples to kiss under the mistletoe at Christmastime> Synonyms smooch Related Words buss, French-kiss, lip, osculate, smack; canoodle, make out, neck, pet, spoon; caress, embrace, fondle, hug, love; bill, cuddle, nestle, snuggle

  2. 2 to pass lightly across or touch gently especially in passing <a gentle breeze kissing the water's surface> Synonyms graze, {h,2}brush, nudge, shave, skimRelated Words bump, contact, scrape, sideswipe, strike, sweep, swipe, touch; bounce, carom, glance, rebound, ricochet, skip; caress, cuddle, fondle, love, pat, pet, stroke; miss, skirtNear Antonyms bang, bash, bump, clash, collide, crash, hit, impact, impinge, knock, punch, ram, slam, slap, smack, smash, swipe, thud, thwack, whack

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