Synonyms and Antonyms of shave

  1. 1 to make (something) shorter or smaller with the use of a cutting instrument he always shaves most of his hair off when the weather starts getting warmer Synonyms bob, crop, cut, cut back, dock, lop (off), nip, pare, poll, prune, clip, shear, snip, trimRelated Words skive, whittle; manicure, mow; pinch, stump; curtail, shortenNear Antonyms elongate, extend, lengthen

  2. 2 to pass lightly across or touch gently especially in passing just shaved the concrete post as the car turned the corner Synonyms graze, kiss, nudge, {h,2}brush, skimRelated Words bump, contact, scrape, sideswipe, strike, sweep, swipe, touch; bounce, carom, glance, rebound, ricochet, skip; caress, cuddle, fondle, love, pat, pet, stroke; miss, skirtNear Antonyms bang, bash, bump, clash, collide, crash, hit, impact, impinge, knock, punch, ram, slam, slap, smack, smash, swipe, thud, thwack, whack

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