Synonyms and Antonyms of tutor

  1. 1 to cause to acquire knowledge or skill in some field <tutored me in Spanish> Synonyms educate, indoctrinate, instruct, lesson, school, train, teachRelated Words coach, mentor; drill, fit, ground, habilitate, prepare, prime, qualify; direct, guide, lead, rear; catechize, lecture, moralize, preach; implant, inculcate, instill (also instil); homeschool; edify, enlighten; brief, familiarize, impart (to), inform, verse; initiate, introduce, show; reeducate, reschool, reteach, retrain

  2. 2 to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed <bought a video series designed to tutor a person in the fine art of decorating cakes> Synonyms coach, counsel, lead, mentor, pilot, shepherd, show, guideRelated Words godfather; direct, engineer, steer, sway; accompany, attend, chaperone (or chaperon), convoy, escort, see, squire; oversee, superintend, supervise; drill, train; brief, enlighten, inform; instruct, school, teach, guide; inculcate, indoctrinate; cultivate, foster, nurture

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