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How is the word jade distinct from other similar verbs?

Some common synonyms of jade are exhaust, fatigue, tire, and weary. While all these words mean "to make or become unable or unwilling to continue," jade suggests the loss of all freshness and eagerness.

appetites jaded by overindulgence

When can exhaust be used instead of jade?

In some situations, the words exhaust and jade are roughly equivalent. However, exhaust implies complete draining of strength by hard exertion.

shoveling snow exhausted him

Where would fatigue be a reasonable alternative to jade?

Although the words fatigue and jade have much in common, fatigue suggests great lassitude from excessive strain or undue effort.

fatigued by the day's chores

When might tire be a better fit than jade?

The meanings of tire and jade largely overlap; however, tire implies a draining of one's strength or patience.

the long ride tired us out

In what contexts can weary take the place of jade?

While the synonyms weary and jade are close in meaning, weary stresses tiring until one is unable to endure more of the same thing.

wearied of the constant arguing

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