Synonyms and Antonyms of apartment

  1. 1 a room or set of rooms in a private house or a block used as a separate dwelling place a spacious six-room apartment that occupies the entire upper floor of a two-family house Synonyms diggings [chiefly British], digs, flat [chiefly British], lodgings, suite, tenement Related Words bed-sitter (also bedsit or bed-sitting-room) [British], cohousing, condo, condominium, duplex, duplex apartment, efficiency, efficiency apartment, flatlet [British], floor-through, garden apartment, granny flat [chiefly British], maisonette, penthouse, railroad flat, salon, saloon [chiefly British], studio, studio apartment, triplex, walk-up; gallery, wing; apartment building, apartment house, tenement house

  2. 2 an area within a building that has been set apart from surrounding space by a wall the museum sets aside this large central apartment to display special exhibitions Synonyms room, cell, chamber, closetRelated Words accommodation, bay, berth, booth, cabin, compartment, cubicle; alcove, niche, nook, recess; snuggery [chiefly British]

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