Synonyms and Antonyms of accommodation

  1. 1 usually accommodations pl  a place to sleep and related amenities for the temporary use of a tourist or traveler a resort offering a wide range of accommodations Synonyms lodging, lodgment (or lodgement) Related Words berth, shelter; crash pad

  2. 2 the act or practice of each side giving up something in order to reach an agreement the twins each made an accommodation: Jane agreed to Joan's pink curtains and Joan agreed to Jane's purple rug Synonyms concession, compromise, give-and-take, negotiationRelated Words haggle, horse trade; accord, arrangement, bargain, concurrence, consensus, deal, understanding; agreement, settlement; mediation, treaty

  3. 3 something that adds to one's ease of living a village that wants to attract tourists but doesn't even provide public accommodations for their sanitary needs Synonyms comfort, amenity, convenience, creature comfort, luxury, mod con [chiefly British], nicetyRelated Words bonus, extra; benefit, help, service; anodyne, solace; delight, indulgence, joy, pleasureAntonyms burden, millstone, weight

  4. 4 the act or process of changing something to fit a new use or situation an accommodation to changing economic conditions will be necessary if the church is to remain open Synonyms acclimation, acclimatization, adaptation, adaption, adjustment, conformationRelated Words readaptation, readjustment; attunement, correction, harmonization; alteration, conversion, makeover, modification, refit, revision, transformationNear Antonyms maladaptation

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